Buying and Selling Bitcoin from BloomX


Get Rates

You can see Bloom’s official buying and selling rates by talking to our Facebook Messenger bot at

We pride ourselves in providing the most competitive rates in the country, so if you find someone else who can give you a better deal for a similar amount, let us know and we’ll match them!


Bloom is a licensed virtual currency exchange provider and is required by law to collect information about its customers. Once you are ready, you can get started with the registration and approval process at

You’ll need one valid ID (passport, driver’s license, UMID, or postal ID), and we may also ask you for a proof of address. Account approval will take 1-2 hours during the workday.


Once your account is approved, you can start trading. If you are happy with the current price and amount, just click confirm and we’ll lock the price in for you.

If you are buying Bitcoin, you will have 4 hours to make a peso payment at one of our many deposit locations.

If you are selling Bitcoin, you will be have 1 hour to deposit the BTC to the address we provide.