Software Engineers

We aim to create better financial services to improve accessibility and ease-of-use for the average person. For instance, there are people who need to travel hours to simply claim a remittance or to send their money to a loved one in another city. That simply shouldn’t be the case in this day and age.

We’re looking for full-stack web developers who are interested in helping us solve these problems. These new team members will help maintain our blockchain-based remittance platform and help develop other financial products in the pipeline. If you’re into cryptocurrencies, then you’ll probably have your fill.

We’re looking for developers with:

  • 5 or more years in software development experience
  • good communication skills
  • interests outside of work

Position details:

  • full-time permanent position
  • most work will be in Ruby
  • having the following is a plus:
    • open source software on GitHub
    • devops knowledge (Kubernetes, OpenShift)
    • basic accounting knowledge
    • macro economics knowledge
    • experience giving talks to user groups or conferences
  • location: mostly remote, but office in Makati is available

Please send your CV to Make sure you include your Github and LinkedIn profiles, along with brief responses to these questions:

  • What projects have you enjoyed working on the most?
  • Which have you disliked?
  • What motivates you?
  • What surprising things have you learned about yourself since starting to program?
  • How do you teach yourself new programming languages?

Credit goes to Stripe for most of these questions.

If it looks like we’re a match, we’ll get back to you. Our hiring process goes like this:

  • 10 minute phone interview
  • a day of pair programming on a real task, for which you will be compensated
  • in-person interview on that day
  • we make an offer

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!